Integrating Business Intelligence and Mobile Commerce

  • Juliet Vallo Menor Pangasinan State University, San Carlos Campus, San Carlos City, Pangasinan
Keywords: Business Intelligence Forecasting Sales, and Profits, Mobile Commerce Business Application


The mobile industry is the ordering and retailing of merchandise, manufactured goods, and amenities over wireless digital tools or gadgets like the cellular telephone and computer devices. This paper utilized the descriptive developmental approach of research method in describing the current profile of a local business enterprise in forecasting sales and profits as it implements an existing mobile-commerce system. This study aims to identify the profile of business in mobile commerce in terms of sales and profit; identify the functional and non-functional requirements of the business intelligence in forecasting sales and profit; and test the level of acceptability of the business intelligence mobile commerce system in terms of: learnability, efficiency of use, user satisfaction and reliability. As a result, the level of acceptability of the integrated business intelligence and mobile commerce is highly acceptable, with an overall average weighted mean of 3.83 centered on the criteria such as reliability, user satisfaction, learnability, and efficiency of use. To conclude this study it shows that integrating business intelligence and mobile commerce is highly acceptable to the business communities and to the business enterprises. This study will also serve as a future reference for other researchers who will conduct a similar or comparable study.